Are you ready to claim your birthright?



You can reclaim your personal power when you recognize that you've been giving it away throughout your life. If you're like most of the women I work with it sometimes feels like you've had to readjust and accommodate throughout your life to the point that you're not even sure anymore of who you really are. In fact, your loss of personal power may be hiding under all the distractions you keep creating in your life to try and cover up the pain you're feeling. And those distractions aren't really making you feel better, are they?

There is good news, however.  You can remember who you are. You can reclaim your personal power.  And when you do, you realize and know that there is bigger purpose to your life and you learn that you've always been lovable and valuable. And when you recognize that, you realize that you really are unlimited potential. 

Step into fully trusting your intuition. It's the inner guidance system that is already a part of you. Right now it might feel a little off from all of the noise around you and in your own head, but you can tap into it and know that you are very powerful indeed. All of the giving away of your personal power comes to a stop when you trust your inner guidance.

You can clear out all of the old beliefs and patterns that have been blocking your birthright to live the joyful, unlimited and abundant life you've always envisioned. The beliefs and patterns that have kept you away from feeling the true flow and alignment that you deserve. 


How much longer are you willing to give your power away and allow someone else's thoughts and beliefs to control your subconscious mind?





The first pillar is the Aligned Mind.

The most powerful gift we have received as humans is our mind. 

Your subconscious mind is really in charge of your everyday existence, in fact it is responsible for 95% of your thoughts, beliefs and actions. It is who you are. Until you reach about the age of 7 you're a blank slate without the means of discerning whether what you hear or see really is true or important. 

As you can imagine, the misperceptions of the child result in painful erroneous feelings that you have carried into adulthood. 

These erroneous feelings have caused you to doubt yourself, to doubt your abilities. They have caused pain in your relationships and in your ability to create the life that you really desire.

7TH PATH SELF HYPNOSIS™ - the most powerful self help tool you will learn in your lifetime .  The first thing you'll learn when you join the membership is this powerful technique where you align with a power higher than yourself (Delta) to empty out the outdated beliefs and associated emotions. You follow the emptying out by learning to powerfully reprogram your subconscious mind for success. This practice can be very spiritual if you choose, however it is not attached to any organized practices.

This takes 10 weeks of live sessions that will transform your life. 

EVERY MONTH a new theme will be introduced to complement the 7th Path hypnosis. 

LESSONS that really allow for embodiment of the principles

FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS tell us a lot about our deeper beliefs. Learn how to move through them and transmute them

HYPNOSIS AUDIOS & MEDITATIONS to supplement material





The second pillar is Aligned Energy.

Everything in nature is aligned with the phases of the moon and women especially so. 

Every week within the lunar cycle offers a different opportunity to align with the natural rhythms that our ancestors tapped into and knew how to use intuitively. 

REFLECT - The Waning Moon  Learn to use the Silence to tune into your Intuition Guidance and Wisdom. Does anything need to be released to allow something new and better to come in?

RENEW - The New Moon  Learn to feel your body and how it responds to the New Moon. Take the energy of rebirth and plant the seeds for your creations. 

REACTIVATE - The Waxing Moon  Time to get energized. Start a project. Map out a plan. Take inspired action.

RECEIVE - The Full Moon  Execute on your plan. Be highly productive. Reap the benefits of your inspired actions. Learn to tune into your body and feel how it responds to the Full Moon. 




The third pillar is Aligned Co-Creation.

As you will discover when you learn 7th Path, you don't have to rely on your conscious mind (only 5% of our abilities come from here) to create the life you want. This means that you don't think your way to success.

You'll understand that your Delta - your higher power - will work with you. Your intuition, your self trust, your personal power all are part of your team as you create your life. 

You'll learn that taking inspired action is they key to manifesting your joyous, abundant and unlimited life.

COACHING -  one LIVE coaching call per month to facilitate your progress towards your goals

AHA CALLS - one LIVE ask Helenita anything call per month - coaching or hypnosis 




THE ALIGNED PATH is a Path with Heart

Finding Balance and Harmony in All Areas

RenewalHealing your mind, body and spirit from the inside out, so that you live in a state of wellbeing

Self-Love: Self-esteem and self-worth, so that you never doubt that you are lovable and worthy

Value: Your self-value and the values that you live by, so that you never doubt that you have all of the talent, intellect and strength that you need to do whatever you came into this world to do

Boundaries: Within and Without, so that you can shine your light brightly as you create a positive impact on the world

Forgiveness: The life changing effect of forgiving yourself and others, so that you feel inner peace

Will and Intention:  Express clearly what you desire, so that you can create the life you want

Co-Creation: Trust in your higher self, so that when you create expansion for yourself and others you will be provided everything that you need

Responsibility: Know what is and is not your responsibility, so that you may live a life of integrity

Compassion: Feel compassion for everyone and everything, so that you move through life with an open heart

Gratitude: Be in gratitude for everything - your lessons and your blessings, so that you live in a state of inner peace and knowing 



   7th-Path Self Hypnosis™ Basic and Full Recognitions (the 10 week Aligned Path Workshop) ($1497 value)

   12 Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions ($2400 value)

   Hypnosis & Meditation Audios ($600 value)

   12 Monthly Live Q&A Session ($2400 value)

   Private Facebook Group to provide support and community for you, dear Wise Woman (priceless)

I guide women on their quest to uncover and amplify their Inner Wisdom so they may leave a positive mark on future generations 

Hi, I'm Helenita

I uncovered my passion for coaching when it found me. It started out with a century bike ride with Team in Training as a participant and before you know it I was the head cycling coach of my local chapter.

Eventually it led to years of coaching swimmers looking to transform their presence in the water. From fearful swimmers to triathletes, I love how flow and grace take over as they learn to quiet their minds and allow themselves to feel the water. 

Always seeking a deeper connection to alignment for myself and my clients, I added a couple of certifications that allow me to work on an even more profound level. In 2018 I became a Certified High Performance Coach and in 2020 I became a Certified Master Hypnotist.

One thing I know for sure - we all have experiences worth sharing. If we can guide others to learn and thrive on their own path, then we're living a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment.



“The combination of hypnosis and coaching has helped me become bolder, braver, and more confident”

"Helenita has been my coach for 3 years. She is incredible at helping bring my scattered thoughts and dreams into clear focus. The combination of hypnosis and coaching has helped me become bolder, braver, and more confident than I have ever been. I am a life-long learner. I love self-help, personal development, and finance books and seminars. I've learned a lot of habits, tricks, and schools of thought to make my life better, and yet before working with her, very little changed. Helenita’s program is amazing and one-of-a-kind. Each session is like a rung on a ladder, taking me to next level every time. She gets me to step out of my comfort zone, raise my vibration, and actually make changes that stick."

Vanessa Rubin

49-year-old, mom of two


I'm guaranteeing the whole year!

My wish is to see you fully embrace the Wise Woman that I know is within you. If you don't love the membership and the community and don't feel that you have gained valuable insights at the end of the program, you'll get a full refund.

Full disclosure, there is one catch.

You have to be present for 80% of the live calls and show that you've done all of the work within the years time. 

Your Success Is Guaranteed

Have you fully considered where you'll be a year from now if you keep giving bits of your power away, squandering your precious and limited time?

Ask yourself, is it more important to stay in your comfort zone, feeling that you're not aligned with your path, feeling that you may never have an impact, 
OR would you rather get started right away and uncover your wisdom and who you really are?

Imagine being the wise woman aligned on her path that knows she can positively transform and impact lives because she decided to step into her power