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The Program Sessions


Session 1: Focal Points                  

Discover what you are focused on right now and how much control you have of your life. What habits are helping you move forward, and which ones are holding you back.

Session 2: Clarity

Determine how much clarity you have over your life right now. Discover more about who you are, how you treat others and which values keep you being your best self.

Session 3: Energy

Amplify the amount of energy you have available to you each day. Figure out what is draining your energy and what recharges it.

Session 4: Courage

Step into a more confident life by exploring how honest you are about yourself and your true feelings. Find out what three things we fear the most.

Session 5: Productivity

Control your productivity. Move forward at the pace that you want with the session's tools. Figure out which distractions are keeping you from success.

Session 6: Influence

Know how influential you have been personally and professionally and become a better role model so you can helps others as well.

Session 7: Psychology Mastery

The half way mark and where we begin to dive into deeper territory. This session is all about mindset. Replace your limiting beliefs with growth-minded thoughts and actions.

Session 8: Physiology Mastery

Deepen your relationship with energy. Intensify your presence using posture and expressions. Learn more tactics to recharge and reenergize.

Session 9: Productivity Mastery

Dive deeper into the areas where you haven't been as productive. Examine what is distracting you and use the tools to level up your productivity.

Session 10: Persuasion Mastery

You are under no obligation to continue working with me, but you can assess whether high performance coaching is the right fit for you.

Session 11: Purpose Mastery

Get clear on your purpose. Design a mission statement and live in alignment with it. Understand why you may have gone off purpose in the past and stay on track.

Session 12: High Performance

Celebrate your successes on this journey. Identify the areas that still need improvement and make a commitment to continued high performance learning and action.

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High Performance Coaching


What's Included

  • 12 Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions
  • Worksheets for each Session
  • Optional Recordings of our Calls (Phone or Skype)
  • A proven, research-backed curriculum





  • One Ticket to High Performance Academy LIVE (9/20-23 in Phoenix) (limited availability)


  • I'm so sure that you'll experience positive changes from the start that if you aren't fully satisfied after the first coaching call, you may request a full refund.   


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