What happened to your good habits?

consistency habits Apr 03, 2019

Have you ever felt your good habits slipping away? 

Maybe life threw some unexpected surprises your way and before you know it emotional eating started creeping in. Or you were busy and exercise took the back seat? Or you started watching a show that you now need to binge watch instead of getting the sleep that you need?

What are habits anyway? They are actions that we perform repeatedly because they lead to a favorable result. Something triggers this action and the fact that we consistently respond the same is what makes it a habit. 

The thing about the "favorable result" is that it isn't always favorable. The donut tastes good in the moment but leaves a hollow feeling after. Not exercising seems easy, but it makes you feel a lack of energy throughout the day and watching that show is going to leave you less productive the next day. The short term effect of feeling good will be completely negated when the bad habits start taking their toll. You cannot eat the wrong things, not exercise and not sleep consistently without it affecting your overall health and wellbeing. 

Good habits don't just happen.

First, there has to be an intention to make a change. Start by paying attention to what triggers the bad habit. Then have a plan on what you will do instead. If a donut is your go-to method for dealing with stress, how will you prepare for that moment? What will you do instead? Be ready.

Second, don't attempt to change more than one habit at a time when you are starting out. In fact, give yourself a good month of consistently taking a better action on any habit that you change. It takes time to make the new habit stick. Once you feel that you are successfully changing your habit by taking the correct action each and every time go ahead and work on another habit. It will get easier and you can make more changes at the same time as you get comfortable with good habits.

Third, if you fall off the wagon, start over. Don't give up! Be consistent. Keep a journal where you can track your progress. Don't leave it to chance.

It may seem difficult to get started, and let's get real here, sometimes we just don't want to break the bad habit. However, you and I both know that the bad habit is not doing you any favors. Pick something that you want to improve in your life and get started. I'm on your side!



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