April Spring Cleaning

declutter organization Apr 02, 2018

Here it is April and my house doesn't look anything like the spring flowers that are blooming outside. In fact, there's too much stuff everywhere and way too much stuff that is in random locations.
Those are two issues though. One is clutter and the other is organization. It can take some serious time to tackle both, but if I want my space to feel good, it is time to handle this.
Right now I am only going to tackle clutter.

Last week I came across a post on Facebook talking about how much clutter they had gotten rid of by following this simple formula. On each day of the month the poster was removing as many items as the current date. Following this formula on the 1st of April I remove one item, on the 2nd of April it would be two items and so on until on the 30th of April you will be removing thirty items.
If you do the math this comes to a hefty 465 items that you can get rid of in a month. Removing one or two items is probably easy, but when you get up there in numbers it's going to be harder. That's where momentum comes in - it's going to feel so good that you just have to keep going! Every time that you pick up something in your hand decide whether it goes or stays. This will get easier.

A couple of simple things you'll want to do to make this work:
Set up a couple of boxes for this project. One you can mark as Trash and the other Donate.
Take pictures of your boxes before you empty them. (This is good for taxes if you itemize and good for your sense of accomplishment and giving).

Comment below on how it's going and if you're reading this on Facebook, add some pictures. Let's get each other inspired. You'll be amazed at how much lighter you'll feel at the end of the month.


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