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Release your old habits and beliefs even when you feel there is no hope - Become who you are meant to BE


  •    Weight Loss
  •    Stop Smoking
  •    Overcome Addictions & Substance Abuse
  •    Overcome Fears
  •    Improve Sleep
  •    Increase Overall Wellbeing 
  •    Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  •    Reduce Anger
  •    Heal From the Past
  •    Improve Your Relationships
  •    Improve Confidence
  •    Improve Performance & Motivation

Forgive Yourself

Mar 01, 2024

The Spectrum of Emotional Abuse

Feb 15, 2024

From Survival Mode to Authentic Living

Feb 13, 2024

Private Sessions

Are you seeking a transformative solution for your challenges? I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me. We'll discuss your unique situation and how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals. As a powerful, effective tool, hypnosis works quickly and succeeds where other methods might not. Together, we'll explore how it can specifically address your needs, setting you on a path to success. I'm eager to guide you on this journey of transformation. This could be the pivotal moment you've been seeking. Book your consultation today for a life-changing conversation. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

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Reclaim Yourself

"Reclaim Yourself," an empowering program meticulously designed for individuals on the path to recovery from emotional abuse, is poised to offer guidance and support. Tailored specifically for those seeking to break free from the shadows of past abuse, this program centers on fostering deep healing and profound personal transformation. Participants will embark on a journey to recognize and release the grip of their past experiences, cultivating the tools and insights necessary for reclaiming their autonomy and self-worth. Through a process grounded in the ART Method (Accept, Release, Trust), "Reclaim Yourself" nurtures the discovery of one's authentic voice, facilitating a transition into a life marked by resilience, empowerment, and self-discovery.

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Group Classes

Discover the transformative power of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® in our upcoming classes. More than just self-hypnosis, 7th Path is a unique fusion of meditation, hypnosis, and spirituality. It's an enlightening journey towards self-discovery, helping you remember who you are and your life's purpose. These classes offer a profound introspection, blending techniques for both personal growth and spiritual awakening. Ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, 7th Path provides the tools for unlocking your potential. Join us to explore this extraordinary path and unlock the mysteries of your true self. Register now for a life-changing experience!

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Aligned Path Hypnosis

Empowering You To Get Back on Your Path


Hi, I'm Helenita 



My mission is to provide you with a compassionate and professional hypnosis service that empowers you to identify your personal needs and aligns you with your desired outcome. 

With my experience in the most modern hypnosis techniques and certifications as a 5-Path® hypnosis professional, a 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis teacher and a 7th Path® Forward teacher, I'm here to help you create new, helpful habits. I'm also a Certified High Performance Coach™️, so I'm here to help you reach your goals. I'm committed to helping you create the life you want. 

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*Note: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical.